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Why countless people choose us?


We can provide our clients with OEM service to their own branding needs.
We offer trading discount to wholesaler and bulk purchaser.
Bespoke products are welcome.


24 hours online service, and fast after-sales response. Longree providing a wide range of services related to the product. You will find yourself working in a true partnership

High Configuration

Our factory in Shenzhen City is a hub of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology-driven innovations, where we can successfully develop even the most complex projects.


Longree always adhere to the high quality standard of the industry as our principle more than ten years. We have powerful manufacturing capabilities, not limited to existing product specifications, so we can flexibly meet your needs.


Longree has been committed to manufacturing and providing Perfects Structure and Excellent design of commercial lighting to our customers from Commercial Building, Projects and OEM markets since 2011 with 150 workers.

Our Service

Trade customers are integral to our business and we frequently collaborate with numerous interior designers, wholesalers, retailers, and bulk purchasers globally to fulfill their requirements for both specifications and deliveries.

For customization, We work with our customers to ensure that our products meet the needs of their installation by providing a full range of complimentary services, including: Utility rebate assistance, Facility audits, Lighting Layouts, Lifetime product support....

Technological Advances Innovation

Although we have been using traditional hand craft technology, we have never stopped researching latest technology. We play light not only through glass but also apply reflecting of coating metal, porcelain, and even acrylic. we have been developing innovative processes that allow glass and other materials to come together in a perfect symbiosis.

Our design team knows light inside and out. With understanding dynamic and interactive lighting features and the latest technology, we continuously promote newly innovative solutions in creating the best ambiance through light.


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