When we discuss commercial lights, we have to understand that illuminating a public area is a complex task and proper design is essential as it is an important tool and determines the overall impression of the interior. Successful ideas have to take into account the area of the room, ceiling design and height, the furniture design and layout, the style of the overall interior and ambience. Commercial lighting fixtures vary in aesthetic, visual appeal and technical characteristics.


Choosing what kind lighting fixtures will depend on the main goal of the space. It is clear that a supermarket, a casino and a shoe shop, for example will require different types of lighting, while lighting with pendant fixture would suitable for place like restaurant,hotel,airport,etc.

what kind pendant fixtures for commercial

We would like to discuss pendant fixtures which are ideal to light the interiors of bars, restaurants, etc. The wide variety of designs opens numerous opportunities to create artistic and aesthetic design. Project chandeliers or cascading chandeliers range from floating bubbles to shiny crystals and whimsical LED strands that seem to be hanging precariously from their base attached to the ceiling. From the extravagant to the abstract, these tiered wonders come in a variety of shapes and finishes. They are not only lighting fixtures but also art decor. Lighting plays an important role in the life of every person. It creates a special atmosphere and is able to change the interior dramatically. That is reason we use cascading chandelier to play the lights. Most of these project chandeliers are mounted on a chain. Such models look gorgeous and become the center of the room, since it is difficult not to notice their beauty as its size and presentation.

luxury crystal chandelier

A crystal/Glass pendants project chandelier as a modern style is the perfect choice when you want to create an atmosphere of restrained luxury for example hotel lobby– they are very sophisticated and at the same time fragile products. Crystal and glass elements give chandeliers a special beauty and genuine splendor. In addition, crystal creates a bewitching optical effect because the light is refracted and scattered in the interior with many highlights and reflections.

glass cascading lighting installation