Dramatic cascading chandeliers

cascading chandelier

Project light or Project chandeliers also refer as cascading chandeliers are not only a magnificent interior decoration but they also provide bright illumination to rooms and areas of different heights. It is considered that this type of exceptional chandeliers appeared in XIX century. The first models were manufactured in Venice and since then this type of lighting fixtures is a symbol of good taste and an integral attribute of luxurious interiors.

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Today, we have a vast choice of numerous of models and we can find cascading chandeliers in different shapes, colors, designs, materials,styles and layout. Modern chandeliers are made of different materials, including crystal, porcelain, plastic, PVC, glass. The variety of colors and shapes makes them very popular, especially for interiors in minimalist or contemporary style in living room, dinning are and staircase.

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Because spectacular cascading chandeliers combine luxury and elegance, they are widely applied in commercial industry such a hotel, hospitality industry.

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