You’ve seen these types of art lightingin in the hospitality industry, restaurants hall, hotel, public places, spa resorts, yachts, bar, airports, and private villa, but you may not have known what they were called… to tell the difference by discussing the two main options; what they have in common and what makes them each unique.

Both “Project Chandeliers” & “Glass Installations” consist of large numbers of hanging pieces of hand blown glass either in a set uniform pattern or in a more organic free-form layout. Both are extremely opulant, completely customisable, unique, dramatic, and innovative options for functional, illuminated ceiling art that will become the focal point and conversation of any space!

The big difference between “Project Chandeliers” and “Glass Installations” are their structure:

“Project Chandeliers” start with a canopy (ceiling plate/ceiling base) that has the lighting source built in to shine down on the glass, or it can be the source for lighting inside each piece of hanging glass. This installation type is great for flat ceilings, or when you want to add more definition or segmentation to your ceiling’s lighting.

“Glass Installations” are externally illuminated by standard recessed lighting that is either existing or installed specifically to light up the hanging glass pieces. this installation type is perfect for domed, angled, or recessed ceilings where a canopy would either detract from the design, or lack a mounting surface for a canopy.

Now that we’ve broken down the components of these unique chandeliers, you can start browsing some of the designs we have featured here and then contact us to create the perfect piece just for you!