Project light: In a broad sense, customized lights are project lights. In the industry, lighting fixture beyond household lighting types are basically project lights, and there are no restrictions on size and materials.

Project lights refer to customised lighting products suitable for specific lighting to achieve decorative effect according to the actual needs of the project. They are also called non-standard lighting fixture, non-standard project lights, decorative lighting fixture, customised lights project, etc due to its attribution of no limit to size, color, shape, and layout. It usually be applied for places such as hotel, club, KTV, villa, model room, lobby, outdoor, etc. It is characterised by customization, long manufacturing cycle, high production technology, strong professionalism, weak circulation, high installation difficulty, after-sales service, etc.

Some example of these dramatic lighting fixture:

With and without ceiling base/canopy

Various Material And Shape

project light components-Longree

 Light Source

project light souce-Longree


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